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A lot is going in my life right now, a lot of emotions playing in my mind and heart, but I just want to say that through the good and bad this summer has been incredible. Living on my own with the da kitty has been super fun, walking the streets of NY, doing different things in the city, working at AMC, being close to Edward, everything - it’s just been a really surreal summer. It has gone by so quickly, but I feel like I’m learning a lot about myself. And I’m sort of afraid for the future, but also pretty excited for it.

And just want to say, having my Mom here for my birthday was absolutely wonderful. For a full week we went to a bunch of different restaurants (Catch for my bday!), got fun, wild drinks, talked, had a hotel room for my birthday night, walked around this beaut city, and of course saw Sarah McLachlan. It will be a week I will never forget. Also, my Dad being up was pretty great too - we went to Hotel Chantelle, which is probably the best restaurant that I’ve been to in the city - french dip dumplings! :3 And we went to the highest rooftop bar in NYC which was awesome. Just so many fun memories.

Also, Edward got me a GOT Lannister shirt for my birthday and Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen shot glasses! Love my gift c: I love you very much, please know that. Please, please, please.

There are no words to describe how incredible the Sarah McLachlan concert was last night.  I knew she was amazing, but seeing her live was unreal. I know I’m being cheesy, but her concert was absolutely breathtaking. Her voice goes beyond any voice I have ever heard. And her lyrics hold so much meaning for me, all the songs took me to a difference place or memory. It was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. I was even dreaming about it last night, goodness her voice! I could see her a 100 times and it wouldn’t be enough. I just had to post this because I don’t ever want to forget how amazing her concert was - what a beautiful night with my Mamabear. One of the best experiences of my life.



Courtney Lynn; 20; NYC
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I know it's over, though it never really began - but in my heart, it was so real

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