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Well the reading of my Pilot went pretty well c: It was only a rough draft reading, but I would say there was a lot of laughter - which was obviously my main goal. They probably laughed at 85% of my jokes, which made me really happy. And they were like real laughs, so that was wonderful to hear. There’s almost nothing better than waiting for them to get to a particular joke in the script, waiting for their reaction, and then the whole room erupts in laughter. 

It’s just funny because while you’re up there listening to your table read, everything is so muffled because you’re so nervous. The laughter, the praise, the critique, all of it - so sometimes I’ll think about it and feel really defeated (about the stuff I need to change/make better) and other times I feel so proud of myself because it was my first official script and so much of it was loved by the class and the professor. Like my characters, everyone agreed they had such strong voices and quirks. And my friend was talking about the show and how it felt really heartfelt - like at its core it’s about friendship. And I’m so happy that is what came through. 

So I’m excited to edit it some more, make some changes, and talk to my professor about it - I really want to get more insight into what he really thought. Like I said, it all seems so muffled. It just means so much to me, so I want to make it as good as it can be :3

And on another note, I am seeing The National on June 19th. There are no words my friends. They are one of my favorite, favorite, favorite bands and aaaaaaahhhhhh. It will be magical, yo.

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